RSS-to-Email (brief version)

Was the other tutorial a tad long? Want to get to the juicy bits?

Creating the template
To create a template ready for RSS you would use the following function:

{content type="rss" source="http://www.sendcastle.com/en/rss" max="10" start="0"}{/content}

type: Always set to "rss" for now
source: The URL to the RSS feed (mandatory)
max: How many items to show (not mandatory)
start: How many items into the feed should it start (not mandatory)

If you have no HTML between {content...} and {/content} we will put in a very basic default. You can customize this using the RSS substitutions here.

Under segment settings (click the name of a segment), under advanced settings you will find all you need to schedule automated sends. We do recommend reading the longer tutorial, however. :-)