Dictionary of commonly used words in Sendcastle.
Dictionary of commonly used words in Sendcastle.
This is an outline of some terms and phrases that are used throughout Sendcastle.
There are two different email bounces. Soft bounces occur when your recipients e-mail account is full or unreachable due to technical issues. Soft bounces are temporary. A hard bounce occurs when you mail to a non-existent address or your mail is being blocked.

An effective way to get in touch with your audience via e-mail.

When people click one of the links in your message, we will see that as a click.

We hate complaints. SendCastle receives feedback loop alerts from Internet Service Providers and anti-spam authorities when your recipients report abuse. A complaining recipient will not be send to again. The more complaints you get, the less we'll like you...

The part of SendCastle in which you create your message.

The more relevant your content is, the better. More people will read your information if they feel it is written for them. SendCastle makes you see WHO you send WHAT.

To make sure your message is delivered SendCastle takes care of all the best practices among e-mail service providers. Our checks will make sure that our clients get the best results. You can improve your deliverability yourself by uploading clean lists, writing interesting messages and send your newsletters on a regular base.

DomainKeys Identified Mail is a method for associating a domain name to an email message allowing the sender to claim responsibility for the message. SendCastle will  add a DKIM-signature field to the message's header.

Double opt-in
After an opt-in the recipient is explicitly asked to confirm the e-mail address and the subscription by responding to a confirmation e-mail to eliminate the chance of abuse by someone subscribing against the recipients will.

Filter-related (coming soon) :
Tag Filter
History Filter
Data Filter

Spam is, according to Wikipedia, the use of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages, especially advertising, indiscriminately.
You can help fight spam by only sending to double opt-in recipients. SendCastle invites you to send discriminately... our Segmentizer helps you to define a specific message for your recipients.

Sender Policy Framework is an email validation system designed to prevent email spam by detecting email spoofing by verifying sender IP Addresses. SPF allows administrators to specify which hosts are allowed to send mail from a domain by creating a specific record in the DNS. SendCastle takes care of this.

Unsolicited Bulk e-mail

Your list of recipients, full of people who like to stay in contact with you and/or your organisation.

An e-mail that is opened by the recipient. Therefore the pictures in the e-mail have to be downloaded (so a text preview in an e-mail client is not an open). In fact, the real open is often higher because people can view e-mails without downloading the pictures.

Recipients that give you permission to send them bulk e-mail (email that is send to many people at the same time). Without permission the email is unsolicited, better known as spam.

Someone who has subscribed to your newsletter and likes your information.

Our unique approach to visually filter your respondents to create and send a unique, relevant and therefore effective message to your audience. This is the invisible heart of SendCastle.

SendCastle steps:
Step 0 (Gather Recipients)
Step 1 (Create Campaign and Mail)
Step 2 (Send Campaign)
Step 3 (View Results)

Sign Up Form
In order to grow your list SendCastle provides a sign-up-form creator that, once placed on your website, automatically adds recipients to your list.

A pre-made lay-out for your email which you can change as you like. Our templates are verified for most e-mail clients.

People who don’t want to receive your e-mails any more might subscribe. SendCastle will take care of these, they won't receive messages any more.

In SendCastle you connect your recipients to a message with a wire. A wire can be used to filter recipients but that's up to you.