Who did what in your sends

We just pushed an update to SendCastle which give you detailed insight into exactly who did what in a send. There are of course hundreds of other use-cases for this, but an example could be, you want to do a follow-up by telephone to everyone who clicked a specific link in your mail to give them more information.

From the statistics view you can get details by clicking on the "person" icons:
  • Which recipients were sent to
  • Which recipients saw the fully rendered mail
  • Which recipients clicked a link in the mail
  • Which recipients marked your mail as spam (complaint)
  • Which recipients bounced (hard)
  • Which recipients unsubscribed
  • Which recipients signed up recently
  • Which recipients clicked a specific link
Developer information
Corresponding API functions were also added to SendCastle today, for instance to get all recipients of a send.

Example URL:

Replace BATCHID with the batch-id of your send, likewise, recipients can be replaced with one of the following:
  • recipients
  • uniquerenders
  • uniqueclicks
  • complaints
  • bounces
  • unsubscribes
  • recentsignups
  • linkclicks (this method also expects the query-parameter 'clickedurl' -- you have to urlencode this parameter)

Until next time!
Tags: api, recipients, bounces, clicks, views, complaints, signups