Responsive Templates and Repeatables

Previously, responsive templates in SendCastle took some tweaking and a few workarounds. So it's with pleasure that I can say that we now support responsive templates out of the box (media queries are not moved inline). We also provide a number of responsive templates in the templates folder of your dashboard (left side of Canvas).
We have also been busy with updating the standard templates to work better with the most recent version of SendCastle, this includes a couple of dozen modifications to each template that will make your life easier, for brevity I'll just outline a few here:
  • Ability to copy / repeat blocks are now in place in all default templates (see a previous blog post for details)
  • Editables for headers (h1, h2 etc) are now much more reasonable to work with as the editable is inside the header tag (recommended if you make your own templates)
  • Updated the documentation provided by each template
  • Added responsive templates
  • ...and a bunch of more minor tweaks to make the templates easier to work with (and of course, still look great in all email clients)
As always, you can find the updated/new templates in the dashboard in the "Templates" folder. To use the templates as basis for your own templates, you can also download them here.
Today's patch updated how CSS is applied to emails (plus support for responsive templates), this means that you *might* see slight changes on how your templates are rendered (this should really only happen in some rare edge-cases), if you find things that are a bother, please let us know and we should be able to help out!
Joakim Romland
Tags: responsive templates, copyables, repeatables, download, css