Recipients data and other changes

There's been additions to working with datasources within the dashboard. You can now rename and set the datatype of fields in datasources. At the moment the datatype of any imported field is of type "text". In a lot of cases it can be handy to specify that something is a date so that you can do filtering on the data (there is no way for SendCastle to know that something is a date).

HOW: In order to change datasource fields, double-click on the datasource on the left-side and you should see an "edit" icon next to the field.

In a similar vein, you can now also change the email address, the comment and all the imported data of recipients (this was possible before by using the API directly). The sample code for the API has been updated to include searching, retrieving and updating individual recipients data.

HOW: You can get to a recipient by browsing the recipients of a datasource (see above), and then simply clicking on the recipient. Again, you will see an "edit" icon next to the things that can be modified.
Tags: recipients, datatype, api, samplecode