Recent changes

Here's an update on some of the dashboard changes we made in the last few weeks.

  • Online view had an overhaul (it now looks better), shows title of mail, it is no longer shown in an iframe so background colours/images will now show. Also, an issue was fixed where sometimes clicking "view online" on an old mail would show you the latest mail from that campaign.
  • Performance when loading canvas, scheduling, placing filters, refreshing canvas, etc had a big overhaul. We see up to 50 times faster processing and loading in some cases.
  • Substitutions used in a campaign now give information on their presence in datasources when scheduling.
  • Import of recipients(-lists) had an overhaul to fix a few outstanding issues. It should now be more joyful to use.
  • Merging (importing) of recipients into an existing list is now much more pleasant.
  • Sign-up forms can now be posted to by using CORS.
  • You can now search for emails in -all- datasources through one search box.
  • Statistics sometime would show graphs from before the actual send.
  • More noticable load indicators on "longer running tasks".
  • On December 22nd we had a few hours of scheduled downtime of the dashboard while we expanded our infrastructure, hopefully you didn't notice. :-)
Tags: changes, canvas, import, export, signup forms, datasource