Sendcastle Version 3

Just a quick update because it looked depressingly empty here. Which is far from the truth as we have been working our cute butts off!

First of all: We are aiming for a public launch in the next few weeks! This means, we will no longer hide in any bushes! :-)

That said...

We have been busy with Version 3 since May, and it is coming along nicely. The main goal with it is to refine the vision we have of segmenting and the campaign workflow. If you are interested in getting a sneak preview, let us know. All your old data will be available as soon as you log in.

Technical bits: Additionally we will now be doing most of the rendering and data structuring on the client side; it will make for a snappier experience both out of a server and a client perspective. Another bonus is a full-fledged API being pushed out with it. This is dog food we eat ourselves since the new user-interface uses the very same API and serves as a perfect real life example on how it can be used. :-)

We're hoping to roll out this update in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!
Tags: SCUI, v3