New features

In other news, form builder...
A lot has happened to Sendcastle since we (ahem) secretly entered public beta (so not stealthing, but still hiding in the bushes). If you haven't logged in in a while, do so! The other week the form builder was pushed out. This means you can get your recipients directly into Sendcastle without having to import them. That was basically the last piece of the puzzle that was needed to be a "feature complete" email service provider.

Photoshop in Sendcastle (well, almost)
Since about two weeks there's a full featured file-explorer with a image editor in there. This will enable you to have your images cropped, resized, rotated, add texts, and much much more right in your webbrowser. It beats having to open Photoshop for those minor adjustments. The editor comes from the good lads over at Aviary.

Checking off them TODO's one by one!
Yesterday a new sender was deployed on live servers. There was nothing wrong with the previous version per se. It just had its limitations when it came to throughput, authentication and custom headers.

Now the sending of mails / second can be increased to more or less infinity (no longer limited by us). A whole heap of invisible features were introduced here, for instance, we also have a priority queue in place on every mail-sender. This means mails like "Welcome to our news letter" or double-opt-in mails are pushed through immediately without waiting in line (a bit rude of them, I know). It was pretty high priority to get this released.

...but now on to next item on the TODO list: it would be nice if I could actually save the changed background colour of this template... :-).
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