Create call-to-action (CTA) buttons in SendCastle

Call-to-action buttons are traditionally a bit tricky in emails since you are restricted to a subset of HTML and CSS. The by far easiest way to get buttons working in a wide range of email clients was to use images as buttons; but these have drawbacks: If you want to change them, you'll have to nip into your favourite drawing program, and more importantly, if your recipients have "Show images" disabled, they will not see your call-to-action at all.

We have recently added a button-generator to SendCastle which makes it easy to create buttons using plain HTML (see below for screenshots). These buttons should work in all email clients, but be aware, they will not look *exactly* the same everywhere but they will always look like a Call-to-action (this is the unfortunate world we live in). :)

You get to the button creator by clicking the megaphone (Megaphone) in the editor-toolbar, to tweak a button, simply double-click/tap it.

The actual dialog for modifying a button

Some examples
The examples are in Dutch this time!

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