Goodbye Ninjababble, hi Sendcastle!

(and also hi to spring!)

So, the original Ninjababble (as in the domain name) was a pet project of mine since way back and it has its own history which I might share some day. I never really decided how to take it further so it became the name of "project mail".

But for a couple of months now it has been pretty high on the agenda to come up with a new and better name. People have all kinds of weird associations with ninjas; ranging from evil, sneaky to slow and turtles. In fact, you might be surprised how often people associate ninjas with turtles! I mean, sure, I remember the movie but it didn't leave that much of an impact that it would ruin the word for me. I have worse feelings around the whole hype around "Javascript ninja" etc (no offence if you are Javascript Ninja or a turtle) :)

Anyhow, it got to the point where I was almost embarrassed to say Ninjababble and that was the last drop -- we needed a new name. So, deadline on a monday evening and finally a name was decided that everyone (more on everyone in a later post) involved loved.

So, Sendcastle is our name.

There's more to tell, but I'll save that to another day! :)

Tags: sendcastle, rename, yay