RSS to Email (or Automated Content in SendCastle)

You can now pull RSS Feeds into SendCastle and have it automagically generate the content of your newsletter. If you are a news outlet, have a blog, a website or a web shop, chances are you have an RSS feed already. This is great news as you can just plug its URL into SendCastle, tell us how often it should be sent ... and you're set.

You will never have to worry about writing content twice. :-)

But first things first.

What is RSS?
There are tons and tons of reference material as to what and how RSS works; a rather hands-down explanation can be found here or at Wikipedia if you want a more factual approach.

Atom feeds are supported as well.

How it works in SendCastle
It's two steps, really. First you want to style a message, and then you want to set up automated scheduling. There is a getting started tutorial here. It may be a bit lengthy if you are an experienced SendCastle user so there's a "Too long; didn't read" tutorial as well. :-)

Incidentally, there's also an RSS feed for the SendCastle blog.
Joakim Romland
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