All new Sendcastle Editor

We make (small) changes to Sendcastle almost every day, unfortunately the changes don't always make it to the blog here. That said...

There has been a complete overhaul to fix a lot of nagging issues of the SendCastle editors and the filemanager. At the same time we introduced a lot of new functionality!

Appearance should be pretty much the same, but fundamentally a lot has been tweaked. Below is a non-exhaustive list of the changes that was pushed online earlier today.

  • Fixed several problems with getting logged out surprisingly when in filemanager
  • After editing an image within filemanager you needed to find and select the new file, the new file should now automatically be selected
  • Filenames of edited files were not based on the original filename. Now they are.
  • A lot of improvements and fixes to the way filemanager gets updated after performing various actions.
  • Image editor is now available directly from right-clicking on an image in the WYSIWYG editor
  • Image editor got a refreshed look, a bit more in style with the rest of the user interface.
  • Image editor got a lot of new functionality and fixes (version upgrade)
  • There is now more freedom when modifying templates and editables (we are no longer as strict with what goes)
  • You can edit the HTML source of individual editable segments (for those minor fixes that are hard to do but messes up how you want it to look)
  • Font-size can now be set in the WYSIWYG editor, we still encourage that you create styles in CSS, though
  • Font-color and background can now be set in the WYSIWYG editor. But as with above, we still encourage you to create styles in CSS and use that.
  • The window where the editor recides now takes up 100% of the space.
  • All buttons of the user-interface were move to the top so that they are always available regardless of what resize level or browser-addons that might be installed
  • Saving happens automatically when leaving an editable section
  • There is now proper feedback when saving (All changes are saved)
  • When sending preview mails, you will see the proper subject set for the segment
  • Ditto with from-name and from-address, these now gets set when creating a preview too
  • Verifying a segment can now also be done directly from the editor (no need to go back and forth between scheduling and editor)
  • The editor is now more "what you see is what you get", content will not jump around when clicking on an editable.
  • Editor is a lot more fluid and appears where the content is and moves automatically depending on how you navigate in your mail.
  • You do no longer need to click on an editable in order to change properties of links/images
  • Dozens of smaller changes and improvements in how the editor works. But these changes are probably not that noticable
  • When saving HTML we don't ruin the indentation/formatting any more
  • The WYSIWYG editor should feel a lot snappier
  • The editor tools look better :)
  • Editor now consumes more space (height wise)
  • You can rename files in filemanager
  • You can create folders in filemanager
  • You can move files in filemanager
  • You can replace files in filemanager
  • Filemanager is snappier
  • Filemanager opens in the same window as the WYSIWYG editor (no longer in a popup)
  • Filemanager is more tightly integrated with the core of Sendcastle.
  • Spellchecker settings in browsers are now respected everywhere (hopefully)
  • Failure to generate a screenshot showed an error that looked really serious (it wasn't). These errors are now suppressed.
  • Fixed a few security problems that was a bit overzealous and logged you out even though you were doing nothing wrong.
  • There was a problem when adding filters, they would somtimes not show up until you dropped a second filter onto the same wire
  • Some issues with character encoding in subject of the mail were fixed 

... the above is a non-exhaustive list, but it gives an overview in broader terms. If you run into any problems or notice that some functionality that you relied on is missing, please let us know and we'll of course fix them right away!

As always, more to come!
Joakim Romland
Tags: editor, wysiwyg, sendcastle, changes