About us

This small team created SendCastle!

What was to become Sendcastle started already back in 2011, the birth came after having looked at all kinds of Email Service Providers and coming up short with how we wanted things to work. Back then it was to be integrated with a Content Management System and for few months that was the case.

This story could have ended there but as time went by the vision became clearer and how things really needed to be reinvented in order to keep this type of customer contact relevant.

Which in short, is: Help you to be relevant and stay relevant to your customers.
Sendcastle is taking a new approach to Email Marketing

  • We want it to be fun to craft a message for your customers
  • We want it to be fun to explore and getting to know your customer data
  • We want it to be easy to send relevant messages to the right people
  • ...but above all, this should be easy.

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SendCastle B.V.

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We like mail! You can mail us at
hi@sendcastle.com, even if it's just to say hi!